How Do I Scrap My Car?

Welcome to M&D Autos. We have more than 22 years of experience in providing our scrap car disposal services to the people of Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and the surrounding areas. If you have a vehicle you no longer need or want, let our experienced team dispose of it responsibly for you. We collect non-runners from your property for your convenience and even provide a 24-hour emergency breakdown recovery services for when you need us most.

We’re a registered waste carrier and can dispose of your vehicle free and legally, as well as providing you with a Certificate of Destruction. Even if your vehicle is no longer roadworthy or is a non-runner, we can collect it from your location and dispose of it for you. Simply contact us now to arrange this collection.

Our services include:

Our services

  • Car Scrapping

  • Free Disposal of DVLA-Notified Cars

  • Certificate of Destruction

  • Fully Insured Breakdown Recovery Services

At M&D Autos we have many years experience in scrapping cars, and can provide our customers with everything they need to know on the whole process. We guide you from start to finish, ensuring that the process is stress- and hassle-free. We’ve processed many cars over the years so we have a lot of knowledge of the industry.

Fill out our quick quote form or call us today. We’ll ask the necessary questions needed to make sure your car is disposed of safely and correctly and then arrange our services as quickly as possible.

What Paperwork Will I Need?

Our experts know how important it is to make sure you have the correct paperwork when scrapping your vehicle. When disposing of your car you need to make sure that legal ownership is transferred correctly, if it is not, you will still be responsible for the car and could incur huge fines from the DVLA. Also, if your car ends up stolen or in the wrong hands and they are not abiding to the law, this will also still be under your details.

You must contact the DVLA immediately when you dispose of or sell your car, including when you scrap it. This is very easy to do, as you just need to fill out and return the section 9 of your V5C (Log Book), or you can easily go to the DVLA website.

You also need to provide proof of your ID as part of The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013. This must show your photo, name, date of birth, and address. We would prefer a driving license to be shown; however there are other forms you can provide such as:

  • Valid UK Passport
  • Valid Passport from a European Economic Area State
  • Valid UK Biometric Immigration Document

This must also include a supporting document from the last 3 months so we know it is relevant, this can include:

  • Bank or Building Society Bill
  • Council Tax Demand Letter or Statement
  • Utility Bill (Gas, Electricity, or Water) (Not a Mobile Phone Bill)
  • Credit or Debit Card Statement

Certificate of Destruction

It is a legal requirement that a scrap dealer must produce the customer with a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) as soon as they have processed the disposal of the vehicle. The CoD will then be sent the DVLA to advise of the disposal of the vehicle so they can update their records.

If you sell your car for scrap, you must inform the DVLA as it is your responsibility as the registered keeper of the vehicle. The scrap dealer and the customer must both complete section 9 of the V5C document and the previous registered keeper must then send this to the DVLA straight away. This lets them know that you have transferred ownership, and this can also be done on the DVLA website.

What Is a V5C/ Logbook?

A V5C is also known as a logbook and it is proof that you are the current owner of the vehicle stated. This just means that you are the registered keeper and responsible for taxing the vehicle. This also contains a lot of information of where the car is registered, such as the name and address of the keeper, any previous keepers, the first date of registration, and any details about the car (make, model, and colour etc).

Scrap Metal Dealers Act

It is now illegal to offer to pay cash for scrap metal, including the scrappage of cars, following the introduction of The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013. This was put in place to stop people from stealing cars or metal and then selling them on to get cash. Since this act has come into place it has helped to put an end to illegal scrap car traders. This allows customers to feel safe and secure that when their car is scrapped it is disposed of correctly and safely.

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